“A Conversation About Privacy”: Discussing the Effects of a Digital Age


From left to right: Sherry Turkle, Michael Friedman, James Graham, Daniel Radcliffe, and Jon Ronson.

The Public Theater in New York City is home to the Public Forum, which calls itself “the theater of ideas” and is host to various conversations and performances on a broad array of topics. On 1 August 2016, James Graham, Daniel Radcliffe, Jon Ronson, and Sherry Turkle took to the stage to form a panel–moderated by Michael Friedman–on the issue of privacy in today’s digital age.

As a graduate student of Library and Information Science, privacy is something that comes up frequently in my courses. It is imperative for future information professionals to have an understanding of the rights of our patrons, and throughout the one semester I have under my belt I’ve learned a lot about my own rights as a citizen of this country. For example, police are apparently required to have a court order before obtaining access to patron records. Continue reading


11th Annual Teen Book Fest at Nazareth College

Teen Book Fest, also known as TBF, took place on May 14 this year, but the real excitement began for me the day before. Well, very, very early the morning before. One of my best friends from childhood and I awoke at 4AM and somehow managed to put ourselves together in time to leave at 5AM in order to beat the infamous Long Island rush hour (I’ve gotten stuck in it on my way to work two days a week every week this semester, so I knew the early wakeup call would be worth avoiding what is quite literally the world’s largest parking lot). We made fantastic time and ended up at our hotel right around 11AM.  Continue reading