Happy February!

I can’t believe it’s already February! One month closer to summer! I don’t have any plans set for summer yet, but aside from hopefully getting a job/internship I’ll finally have time to read all the books I bought around Christmas and haven’t had a chance to get to yet. I’m most excited right now for the Lunar Chronicles because a couple of my friends have read them recently and loved them!

This summer is going to involve catching up on a lot of series for me–The Vampire Diaries (started a couple years ago but never finished), Anna/Lola/Isla, Divergent (owned for a year but never read), Mockingjay (I read the first two freshmen and junior year of college respectively but haven’t gotten to the last one yet), Shadowhunters (I got the first one for Christmas), etc. I also have a couple of history books I want to read because I am trying to expand my knowledge of history, something that is unfortunately lacking. One is a Peter Ackroyd book about the Tudors and another is THE GIRLS OF ATOMIC CITY by Denise Kiernan.

Enough about summer, though, let’s get to this month! January was a really slow reading month for me–I only got to four books–because I was sick for a week (unfortunately the kind of sick where I couldn’t even watch Netflix, let alone read) and I started grad school a couple of weeks ago. I love the program (I’m studying Library and Information Science), I love the people I’ve met so far, and I love working in the library, but there is a lot of reading for all of my classes so I haven’t had time for extracurricular reading.¬†Therefore, I’m setting my TBR goals a little low for this month. I do have Spring Break toward the end of the month, but I’m not sure how much work I’ll be assigned that week.

The first book I plan to read this month is EVERYONE BRAVE IS FORGIVEN by Chris Cleave. The cover is what drew me to this one because I am a total Anglophile. I’ve been to England several times and I’m hoping the next time I go there I’ll be purchasing a one-way ticket, so when I saw Elizabeth Tower on the cover I knew I had to read it. I don’t normally go for historical fiction because I was never much of a history buff, but the story sounds so interesting. I’m going to start this one tonight! I know it’s long, but I’m hoping that it will only take a week for me to finish. We’ll see how that goes….

I have a couple of titles on my Kindle that I want to get to. One is I WISH FOR YOU by Camilla Isley, which sounds like a really cute and sweet read. It’s got magic, romance, and mystery–what more could I ask for?! I love reading a good love story, but they always raise my expectations for the men in my life! Maybe I’ll save this one for Valentine’s Day, aka Single’s Awareness Day.

The other title on my Kindle is THE MISADVENTURE OF SHERLOCK HOLMES by Giles Chanot. I still haven’t had a chance to read all of the original Sherlock Holmes stories (I’ve only read THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES and seen/listened to about a million spinoffs of the series–who else *loved* the Sherlock special?!), but I love Sherlock and Watson, so I’m eager to read this one. This will probably end up being my Spring Break read!

If I can squeak in a fourth book this month, which is how many books I need to read a month to complete my 50-book Goodreads challenge, it will be TELL THE WOLVES I’M HOME by Carol Rifka Brunt. A good friend of mine sent this one to me in January and I’m eager to read it! We know each other really well, so when she recommends something the odds are I’ll enjoy it.

Hopefully I have time for more than just four books, but we’ll see how this month progresses! I pre-ordered Tommy Wallach’s new book (I loved WE ALL LOOKED UP) and it comes out while I’m on break, so hopefully I’ll have time to get to that one as well. What are you all reading this month? Comment below and let me know!


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