Hello, fellow bookworms!

My name is Kat *waves enthusiastically* !

I’m a 22 year old post-grad who majored in English (with a minor in Communications) and is currently working as a freelance publicist. I absolutely love what I do and after spending a couple years reading reviews posted by others, I decided I would start writing some of my own! The reviews posted here will solely be for books I pick up on my own, or ones that are sent to me by other publicists/publishers/indie authors; I will never accept compensation for any of my reviews.

I am a HUGE fan of the classics. I took a course at Oxford on Jane Austen, which led me to fall in love with Anne Radcliffe, Fanny Burney, and the like. As a result of my love of the classics and the ridiculous amount of them that there are to read, I feel like I’m a little behind on contemporary novels, though I have recently read (and loved): both of Adi Alsaid’s novels, The GoldfinchMe and Earl and the Dying Girl, all of John Green’s works, some David Levithan, One Day, some Neil Gaiman, Everybody Rise, the Brilliance trilogy….okay, maybe I’m not THAT behind. But with so many amazing books out there to be read, it often feels like it!

I’m obsessed with Sherlock Holmes in many of his incarnations–the classic stories from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of course; BBC’s Sherlock; these radio dramatizations from the late 1940s that I got on cassette from a library sale, and contemporary book spinoffs that feature the consulting detective and the good doctor. That should explain the picture I chose as my header for the blog–with so many great sales this past weekend, I couldn’t pass up these wonderful little Funko Pops! I’m also a huge Harry Potter nerd; if you’re looking for proof of how hard core my love for the series is, my confirmation name is Hermione! It took a lot of convincing to pull that one off….

I’m also a writer myself and just finished participating in my first NaNoWriMo, during which I wrote my second novel. My first was a YA/NA story that I started five years ago and is very near and dear to my heart; the second is a noir that I’m sure I’ll come to love a little more after I hit it with a ton of edits.

I’m so excited to immerse myself further in this wonderful community of bloggers! Feel free to connect with me on Twitter or reach out to me via email; I’m always up for talking books/writing/fandoms!

I’m hoping to post my first review here sometime this weekend, so please stay tuned for that!

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂


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